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Finger Lickiní Postal Service

4/17/2017 by Kolbe

With times changing and everyone needing to stay competitive and relevant these days, some businesses are really thinking outside the box. The other day we talked about a coal museum switching to solar power to reduce costs. We’ve seen companies like Amazon explore quicker delivery service via drones. Now, after experiencing a real downturn in post office traffic, the New Zealand Postal Service has partnered with KFC to begin providing delivery service in select parts of NZ. In an effort to expand and continue to provided sought after services you will be able to have your KFC delivered by NZ postal workers. The idea may sound a little out there, but it makes sense. I mean, really, as I sit here writing this I could go for some extra crispy and a side of mashed potatoes. I’d also enjoy it more if I didn’t have to go further than my mailbox. 


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