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Total Eclipse of the Smart

8/28/2017 by Kolbe

Last week people were treated to a solar magic show in the form of an eclipse. An awe-inspiring event when the moon crossed in front of the sun. People flocked from all over to witness it. Regardless of how beautiful the sun is, people should not be looking at it without proper eye protection. And when we say eye protection, we’re talking about eclipse glasses or indirect viewers made from cereal boxes, not sunscreen on your eyes. Hospitals reported people complaining of eye pain after applying sunblock to their eyes for viewing the eclipse. Not only does this not prevent the type of eye damage caused from staring at the sun, but it no doubt is going to cause a host of other issues. So please, when North America is ready to view the 2024 eclipse, if you don’t have glasses, get crafty with a cereal box. Don’t put sunblock on your eyes.


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