Join our Team and Move People Together

At The Rideshare Company, our work moves people together in ways that benefits the community and the environment. We believe in the power of passionate individuals working together to do important work. We invite you to explore career opportunities with us.

Why Choose Rideshare?

  • Fulfillment: Our mission creates meaningful goals for the members of our team. At Rideshare, you can feel good about the work you are doing in knowing that you are helping people. Transportation is a vital piece of daily life for everyone, and we work to make it seamless and stress-free for our clients and customers. 
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Join a team of dedicated, supportive, and kind people who know that our differences in ideas and strengths are what make a team great. Our team at Rideshare is small, but we do big work and have transportation professionals with decades of experience in our staff.
  • Work-Life Balance: Our expertise in transportation and commuting give us a unique perspective on the values that drive work-life balance. We respect and prioritize the importance of healthy balance in work and life, and provide supportive policies that enable our employees to excel professionally while taking care of their personal well-being.

Current Job Openings

We currently do not have any open positions.