Customer Service

At The Rideshare Company, customer experience is central to everything we do. Whether it’s helping someone find a more cost-effective and energy-saving way to get to work or helping them get home for a family emergency, one call to Rideshare is all it takes.

Knowledge and experience is key.

With extensive resource knowledge and years of customer support experience, our team has the unique understanding and ability to manage any customer service need that comes our way. This includes placement of customers on various transit solutions, maintenance coordination with our lease customers, and even conflict resolution. Our customer service team is available 24/7/365 with 800 and direct number access, call monitoring and bi-lingual capabilities.

Connecting commuters with the right answers.

We carefully listen to each person and their request. If a commuter is looking for an alternative way to get to work, we go the extra mile to help find them the best solution that fits their location, schedule and individual needs. By doing so, we’ve been able to break down many of the barriers people have when it comes to leaving the car at home and traveling in a better way.

Kicking into gear for situations management.

Our customer service department is trained and equipped for situation management. If a commuter needs to leave work unexpectedly due to a personal or family emergency, we coordinate an emergency ride home as part of the Guaranteed Ride Program offered for vanpoolers and other commuters who qualify for the service. The logistics support capabilities of our customer service team also extend to organizations that participate in our easy fleet program.

Supporting more than just the individual.

Rideshare Customer Service also serves a number of key functions to support the bigger picture related to commuting and transport services. This includes comprehensive data tracking for our customer call center.