Most people never think about all the moving parts that work together in a vehicle to get them from one place to another. With Rideshare Operations, you never have to. From vehicle comparisons and special needs modifications, to maintenance and safety programs, to cost containment monitoring, logistics and more, we take care of everything.

Driven by a focus on safety.

Being safe and managing risks on behalf of our clients drives everything we do. With our proactive vehicle management and GPS monitoring program, we constantly monitor and maintain every vehicle in our fleet. This goes beyond scheduled oil changes. With every service, Rideshare Operations coordinates an 85-point inspection with our vehicle maintenance partners.

24/7/365 support adds peace of mind.

Rideshare Operations works in sync with our customer service department to ensure our customers are never without a vehicle. We handle all the logistics associated with maintenance and also provide replacement vehicles to keep everyone moving. In the rare event of an emergency, it takes just one phone call to Rideshare to put our operations team to work coordinating a replacement and repair.

A model of cost containment and efficiency.

Rideshare has managed to keep our cost-per-mile below regional and national averages. In fact it’s one of the lowest anyone has ever seen. This success involves multiple components. First, we’re tough yet fair negotiators with all our vendors, and we consistently renegotiate contacts with every renewal. We also manage every aspect of the vehicle right up to the point that it is removed from our fleet.

Proprietary fleet information system.

For many companies, fleet management is considered an afterthought, but at Rideshare, it’s central to everything we do. It incorporates highly sophisticated vehicle tracking software that helps us monitor and maintain vehicles to get the best operational and cost performance, without ever sacrificing safety. Our fleet information systems also enable us to manage everything from insurance to vehicle registration.