Here’s what we’re actually selling: the idea that there are better ways to go. From carpooling programs and money-saving tax benefits, to fleets and rewards programs, there are many ways for commuters and employers to improve not just the commute, but the environment as well. The Rideshare sales team does all the work of getting the word out so that more people take advantage of the commuter programs or services available.

Our turnkey approach makes it easy for employers and organizations.

Whether it’s an existing set of commuter programs or services, or a new program developed in partnership with Rideshare, our sales team manages all aspects focused on employee awareness and participation. The only thing an employer really has to do is say ‘yes’ to the idea that they want to help their current and future employees find better and more cost effective ways to get to and from work.

Our unique team helps solve unique challenges.

Our sales team takes a needs-driven approach, meeting with and listening to the challenges and goals an employer or services organization may have. From the geographic location of employer and employees to the special needs of people being supported by a social services program, we look at everything. Rideshare puts together a customized commuter solution for each client. We then bring all the information, resources and capabilities together with commuter solutions that can include:

  • Tax benefit programs
  • Short-term & long-term vehicle leasing
  • Shuttle programs
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Commuter subsidy programs
  • Commuter rewards & incentives
  • Vanpool programs
  • Carpool programs
  • Ridematching
  • Telecommuting information & program support
  • Online commuter tools
  • Carpooling options information & support

On the road and in the field, sharing and educating.

We know that sometimes, face-to-face communications and presentations simply work better. From launch events and employee presentations to collaborative sessions with employment agencies to create innovative workforce commuter solutions, our sales team provides a level of one-on-one support that is both engaging and highly effective.