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A Foot in the Door...Well, Armrest

Monday, July 24, 2017  by Kolbe

It’s like winning the lottery. You’ve booked your ticket, waited through TSA checkpoints, searched for an open outlet while waiting to board your flight. Then it happens, you get to your seat on the plane, and now you are ready for takeoff and you realize the seat next to you is still empty! It’s a small yet exciting win. One California woman experienced just this, she got excited for the simple luxury of having extra room on her flight. That is, until through the armrests of the empty seat come two bare feet! The passenger from the row behind also decided to take advantage of the empty seat by extending their legs through the vacant armrest openings. What would you do in this situation? Who has more claim to the empty seat?

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Sweet Sweet Traffic

Monday, July 17, 2017  by Kolbe

Many things can cause traffic, construction, accidents, or just excessive cars on the road. In South Carolina however there was a much sweeter reason for last week’s morning congestion. To celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 80th anniversary, when people bought a dozen donuts they could buy an addition dozen for only 80 cents. The tasty offer proved to be too much for the morning commute. The line of cars wrapped around the store and held up traffic. Police were even involved helping to direct the backed up vehicles. I wouldn’t mind traffic as much if it ended with me getting a dozen donuts. But then again, if I weren’t getting donuts, then its just traffic I’d be sitting in. 

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Fresh Out of the Oven

Monday, July 10, 2017  by Kolbe

You see a lot of tech come out of Silicon Valley, there’s no news there. But some of the latest tech to come out of the spawning pool of great ideas tackles the important stuff. The pizza restaurant is called Zume and aside from their team of employees, in the kitchen you can find robots cranking out pizza with hand-prepped ingredients. The ovens, on the other hand, are in the delivery vehicles. That’s right, the pizza’s are made in the shop and baked on their way to be delivered. Gone are the days of lukewarm delivery pizza, because Zume bakes it on the way so that it is literally hot, fresh out of the oven when it’s time to eat.   

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Standing Section

Monday, July 3, 2017  by Kolbe

You either love air travel, or you hate it, but regardless of who you are you can admit that air travel can be pricy! Charges for your ticket. Want extra legroom? Additional costs. Need to check two bags? There’s an additional for that too. Columbian airline VivaColombia is considering charging you extra for a seat. No, not a seat as in a place on the plane, but a seat to sit in. In an effort to make air travel more affordable, they are considering standing seats on flights. The idea, if it comes to fruition, would have travelers standing while strapped-in, allowing the airline to sell more tickets per flight, keeping the costs down. If you ask me, with the amount of legroom you typically get, a standing space on a short flight may actually be nice.

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Buckle Up

Monday, June 26, 2017  by Kolbe

Seatbelts save lives. That’s nothing new, it’s just a fact. That’s why there are laws to ensure everyone wears their seatbelts. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. Last week while the Queen of England was traveling to the opening of Parliament, someone noticed she was not wearing her seatbelt and called the police! Now, even though the Queen is immune to criminal or civil proceedings, she’s not above having someone call her out for not wearing a seatbelt. Besides, it’s for safety, so make sure you buckle up as well!

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