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Auto Vending Machine

Monday, May 22, 2017  by Kolbe

We’ve all seen a vending machine before. A glass window allows you to view your choices. You press B7 and a bag a chips falls out. Or maybe you press G6 and a soda comes rolling down. Or, if you’re in Singapore, you make your selection to have a Ferrari or Lamborghini come out. Singapore is home to a fifteen-story tall, sixty-vehicle luxury car vending machine. Autobahn Motors needed to save real estate and still needed a way to display their inventory, so they built up and created their luxury car vending machine. Customers can use a touch screen to browse the inventory and upon their selection the vehicle will be delivered within two minutes for a test drive or purchase.

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Say Nay to Airport Stress

Monday, May 15, 2017  by Kolbe

I don’t mind flying, but it can be stressful. For some people just the thought of flying can be stressful, but the bustling airports, seemingly endless security checks, and long flights with almost no legroom can make flying stressful for just about anyone. That’s why some airports have begun employing therapy animals. In certain airports you may be able to pet a dog or cat to help relax and forget about the stress of air travel for a minute. Or, if you are in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport, you can relax by chilling with mini horses! Rather than sticking with the traditional therapy animals, CVG opted to give therapy mini horses a try and they are a big hit with travelers! So the next time you are stressed at an airport, keep an eye out for a therapy pet to help you relax.

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A Dream Workout

Monday, May 8, 2017  by Kolbe

We talk a lot about taking care of the environment, but it’s also important to take care of yourself. Seriously, eating right and exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy self. Another piece of that puzzle is sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is equally important, but often overlooked. That’s why one gym in Scotland introduced a new fitness class. Although, this class doesn’t use weights, stationary bikes, or even workout music, rather this class uses beds and soft, calming environmental sounds. The class consists of a forty-five minute nap and is aimed at helping people who do not get enough sleep in their usual routines. I know the concept sounds crazy, but I struggle finding a gym routine that fits my needs. This may be just the class I’ve been looking for!

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Relaxing Traffic

Monday, May 1, 2017  by Kolbe

Is there anyone who actually likes traffic? One Indianapolis entrepreneur is sure hoping some people do. Entrepreneur Tom Battista saw a patch of grass overlooking a spot where two highways merge and had an idea. He is calling his idea “The Idle” and it will be a spot where people can come and watch the traffic. That’s right, people will be able to come and relax with three rows of seats and a covering to protect from the sun where they will watch the cars either rush along or sit and try to merge. The concept is interesting. The idea that we all know the frustration of sitting in traffic, trying to get where you need to be, it can be maddening. However, here you can sit and be right where you need to be. Enjoying the fresh air and the fact that you are not one of the people sitting in the line of cars. Or on a day that is not stop and go, you can enjoy just watching the cars zip along. At first I thought this idea was crazy, but the more I think about it, the more I think I could see myself going there to relax!

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Self-Driving Delivery

Monday, April 24, 2017  by Kolbe

That sci-fi vision of the future continues to become reality with every passing day. We’ve seen driverless cars on the road, but now, in certain districts of San Francisco you may see a robot driving down the sidewalk delivering food. Yelp’s new experimental food delivery service, Yelp Eat24, is an autonomous self-driving delivery robot. The technology was created by ex Apple and Google employees and uses cameras, sensors, and light detection and ranging to safely drive meals to their destination. 

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