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More Like VOLTSwagen

Monday, September 18, 2017  by Kolbe

Earlier this year Volkswagen announced they would invest ten billion dollars into electric vehicles. Well, they have changed their tune, and it has only gotten better. VW recently announced that they would now be investing around eighty-four billion dollars into electric vehicle development. The majority of the money is planned for battery production to support their plans of bringing three hundred electric vehicle models to market by 2030.

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Big Rigs, Low Emissions

Monday, September 11, 2017  by Kolbe

Electric cars, electric bikes, electric trains, and even electric trucks. Everyone seems to be jumping on the (electric) bandwagon. Cummins Inc., a leader amongst commercial diesel engine manufacturers, has just unveiled their fully electric truck!  The truck, which they are calling Aeos, is an 18,000-pound truck that runs on a fully electric engine. It’s capable of hauling a twenty-two ton trailer and its battery can fully charge in around an hour. The truck can only go about one hundred miles on a single charge, making it a great local delivery vehicle. Cummins Inc. also has plans to build a hybrid truck that, while still reducing emissions, will increase the mileage range of the single battery charge. 

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Total Eclipse of the Smart

Monday, August 28, 2017  by Kolbe

Last week people were treated to a solar magic show in the form of an eclipse. An awe-inspiring event when the moon crossed in front of the sun. People flocked from all over to witness it. Regardless of how beautiful the sun is, people should not be looking at it without proper eye protection. And when we say eye protection, we’re talking about eclipse glasses or indirect viewers made from cereal boxes, not sunscreen on your eyes. Hospitals reported people complaining of eye pain after applying sunblock to their eyes for viewing the eclipse. Not only does this not prevent the type of eye damage caused from staring at the sun, but it no doubt is going to cause a host of other issues. So please, when North America is ready to view the 2024 eclipse, if you don’t have glasses, get crafty with a cereal box. Don’t put sunblock on your eyes.

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Safe Chickens

Monday, August 21, 2017  by Kolbe

Whether you take a bus, carpool, bike or walk, you have to be safe when you’re commuting. A bed and breakfast in Scotland takes this thought seriously. So seriously they have supplied their chickens with safety vests so they can be more easily seen when crossing the road. We may now finally have the answer to the age old “why did the chicken cross the road” question. Because it could, and it did so safely.

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Analogue Autonomy

Monday, August 14, 2017  by Kolbe

People in Virginia reported seeing a Ford van driving around completely autonomously. This regular looking van didn’t sport any large sensors or cameras, nor did it appear to have a human driver behind the wheel as it cruised through regularly trafficked streets. Joke’s on the onlookers though, because the car was not autonomous at all. In fact, there was actually a human driver controlling the vehicle. He went unnoticed, however, because he was dressed as a car seat! It appears the stunt is part of an experiment being conducted about how people interact with autonomous vehicles on the road. Personally, I’d probably just start taking a video. 

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