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Naturally Distracted Driving

Monday, February 20, 2017  by Kolbe

Distracted driving is no joke, there have been many laws set in the past years to ward against it. Using your phone while driving is maybe the most common, but you may have also seen people putting on makeup or even reading. Police in Iceland have had to warn tourists against another form of distracted driving, however. Driving while staring at the Northern Lights. Motorists driving in Iceland have been pulled over for suspected intoxication, swerving and erratic driving. After questioning, the police found the cause was that the drivers were awestruck by the aurora borealis. Police have had to warn drivers not to stare at the natural phenomenon while driving, because distracted driving is dangerous no matter the cause. If you find yourself driving in Iceland, be sure to save your gazing of the Northern Lights until after you are done driving. Otherwise, you’ll be seeing a whole other set of lights, but these ones will be in your rearview mirror. 

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What’s Your Dream Vehicle?

Monday, February 13, 2017  by Kolbe

If you enjoy driving, you probably have a dream vehicle you aspire to own one day. For some it’s the fully electric car like a Tesla. For others it’s the height of Italian engineering in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And then for one man in Ireland, it’s a seven-ton tank. That’s right, a seven-ton military tank. The guns have been deactivated allowing him to drive it around and that is just what he plans to do. He’ll be seen taking it to the grocery store, just driving around, and reports say that one of his friends even wants to be driven to his wedding in it. Stories like this prove that dreams can come true if you’re patient and persistent, but some dreams have a much higher fuel cost than others. 

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Ireland Goes Green(er)

Monday, February 6, 2017  by Kolbe

You may already think “green” when you think of Ireland, but the country continues to further go green. Recently, Irish Parliament voted to stop the public funding of fossil fuels. If the bill passes the country would pull all investments from things like gas, coal and oil over five years from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund. The vote is a bold move that stresses the importance of alternative energy. If the bill passes it would make Ireland the first country to make a move like this and stop investing in fossil fuels. 

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Oh Deer.

Monday, January 30, 2017  by Kolbe

We all know it, speeding is wrong. Not only is it unsafe, it’s also against the law and can land you in trouble. One Massachusetts man found himself in court to defend against a speeding charge. The man’s defense was that the radar gun may have picked up a nearby running deer rather than his car. Needless to say the charge and fine remained. His defense may not have won his court case, but it could’ve won him an award for creativity.

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What’s Parking Like?

Monday, January 23, 2017  by Kolbe

We talk a lot about commuting here. You also hear a lot about commuting as technology improves. Things like electric cars, autonomous vehicles, alternate forms of transportation, but one thing that rarely gets mentioned is the end step. Parking. It’s often overlooked, but it is a crucial step in the commute. What’s the good of driving somewhere if you can’t park and leave your car once you’ve arrived? Google is taking steps to help you with this part of the commute. In a beta version of Google Maps, you can now be presented with information regarding your destination’s parking situation. You will be alerted to how difficult the parking is, and you can click to get more details on the parking in the area. Anyone who has arrived somewhere and had to circle the block over and over looking for a spot can appreciate now being able to have a heads up before setting out for your destination.

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