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Traveling Smart for Thanksgiving: 5 Driving Tips

Why did the turkey cross the road, you ask?

To spend Thanksgiving with its family while avoiding the holiday traffic! 


We’re here to help you sort out your Thanksgiving plans if you have to drive to your holiday celebration this year. Don’t let travel stress take away from the joy that this season brings. We are thankful to have some helpful tips to share with you. 


Here are 5 Thanksgiving travel tips to make sure the most stressful part of getting where you need to go is transporting your homemade pumpkin pie: 


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Election Day: Rideshare Style

Tuesday November 8th is Election Day, and we’re getting there in style. Rideshare style, that is! 

Making your plan to get to the polls is very important, and a great way to do it is by sharing the ride. Here are some ways to ride in true rideshare fashion to your local polling location: 


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Let Trick-or-Treaters Own the Road: Car-Free Halloween

Are you doing anything on Halloween? Let’s plan to leave our cars at home!  

Families and groups of friends (and plenty of ghouls and goblins) will be flooding our neighborhoods Monday night, and the best way to help them have fun is to keep our streets car free. 

Halloween night can be extremely dangerous. Mix crowds of people with darkness, and drivers are in a challenging position. 

There’s plenty of advice we can give to pedestrians on safety—Look both ways, bring a flashlight, don’t run into the street. Wouldn’t it be spooktacular if our trick-or-treaters didn’t have any vehicles slowing them down? 

Let’s talk about how we can achieve a car-free Halloween this year! 


Stay in. Hand Out Candy! 

If you aren’t going hunting for treats, try giving them away! Invite some friends or family over to dress up and pass out candy. It is the perfect way to stay in the Halloween spirit when you’ve outgrown trick-or-treating.

You can make it extra fun by doing a group costume, or decorating your front yard to get all the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” from the costumed crowds! 


Making Room for Those in Need 

Halloween is the best night of the year for many children. This sugar-filled night can be overwhelming for kids at the same time.

Think about it: Crowds of people, wearing a costume, talking to so many strangers to ask for candy, scary Halloween decorations, having to be patient and polite, being out after dark on a school night, and remaining aware of your surroundings... That’s a lot for kids who may have sensory issues. Add cars driving by with headlights on, and it can certainly be too much for some trick-or-treaters.

Halloween night isn’t exactly ‘sensory inclusive,’ but we can do our small part by removing one factor within our control, and that’s cars. 


Trunk or Treat 

Putting our vehicles to use on Halloween is absolutely possible by participating in a Trunk-or-Treat! These gatherings are usually organized by schools or community organizations and are typically more sensory-friendly than traditional trick-or-treating without compromising on fun.

It is safer than the traditional alternative, too, as all vehicles are stationary, and it is a much more controlled environment.  


No Tricks, More Treats! 

Remembering that Halloween is for families and kids puts safety on top of our priority list. On Monday night, go car-free for the holiday. Stay in with some classic Halloween movies, decorate spooky cookies, and leave your vehicle in the driveway.

Let’s reverse Halloween’s bad reputation for being dangerous for pedestrians. We’re letting the kids run the roads this year! 

by Isabelle Brown  | 

Have A Very Green Halloween: Ecofriendly DIY Decoration Ideas

Sharing the ride by carpooling or taking transit to work or school makes an incredible impact in reducing your carbon footprint. It puts us on the right path toward greener commute options being utilized more widely and saves commuters both time and money.  

Making these sorts of sustainable choices in our daily life can actually be a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. Carpooling with a group to fall festivities, getting together for fall bike rides, and starting a fall garden really make the most of this time of year. How about making your own Halloween decorations instead of spending money on store-bought plastic options?  

Here are 5 ideas to make your Halloween green with DIY decorations! 


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Hey Carpoolers... Try This October Playlist!

The music played in a carpool really set the vibe for your day. Picking the right song or podcast can act as a real bonding experience for friends or coworkers. We’re here to help you curate the perfect October playlist to set the tone for a spooky month of sharing the ride! 

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