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Our easygreencarpools® program is all-inclusive and customizable to meet the needs of both employers and individual commuters. 

And there are options:

It can be an employer sponsored program and offered as a fully funded benefit.

The costs can be split between employee and employer, or you can leave it for employees to pay their own monthly fare.

Individual commuters can form their own carpool groups and pay for their monthly fare, no employer involvement necessary.

How it works:

Just pay one monthly fare, calculated on daily round-trip miles. We provide a fuel-efficient vehicle with registration, full vehicle insurance, and GPS monitoring. We also take care of all maintenance and repairs, with 24/7 customer service and roadside assistance. Every vehicle can accommodate 4 full-fare participants, and the driver of the carpool receives 250 bonus miles per month. All participants can share the driving upon approval.

In some areas, additional benefits are available, including emergency rides home from work, rider incentives, and lower insurance rates on personal vehicles.

Environmental Benefits:

Each carpool (with 4 participants) will reduce greenhouse gases by 12,000 pounds annually. That's the equivalent of 500 gallons of gasoline! Check out the table below to see how just a single carpool can start protecting the planet – and see how quickly those effects can add up as carpooling catches on!

Number of Carpool Vehicles Pounds of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Gallons of Fuel Conserved Equivalent to Tons Recycled Waste Saved from Landfills Equivalent Number of Households Annual Electricity Consumption
1 12,000 500 2 1
4 48,000 2,000 8 3
8 96,000 4,000 16 6

Employer Benefits:

  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention Employers are confronted every day with a more competitive environment to attract and retain employees. This unique rideshare opportunity will aid retention by offering employees a simple and flexible solution to their commuting needs. This program will attract new employees entering the workplace, therefore providing a recruiting benefit as well.
  • Parking Reduction and Access Land is at a premium everywhere. Each carpool provides employers with the potential to reduce parking by at least three vehicles as well as lessen the burden of parking in municipal parking areas.

  • Corporate Responsibility Prospective employees as well as customers care about an organizations identity and values. Having a program like easygreencarpools® that prioritizes sustainability makes it easy for people to align with your company culture.

Individual Commuters Benefits:

  • Increased workplace satisfaction – when morning rush hour traffic is no longer yours to deal with, your day begins with much less stress.
  • Reduced wear and tear on your personal vehicle – carpooling protects your car from road wear, frequent brake and tire replacement, and parking lot dings.
  • More money in your pocket – carpooling costs just a fraction of the expense of driving alone.

Rideshare’s easygreencarpools® program was designed just for people like you. It’s a simple way to take back your time – by taking your car off the road.

The program has great benefits for employers and commuters, and it’s great for the environment.

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