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Rideshare Consulting

With more than 40 years of experience and a deep understanding of employee transport services, The Rideshare Company has a skillset strengthened by decades of industry knowledge. Using our interpersonal skills and our adept marketing background, we can provide valuable rideshare consulting to companies and government agencies through our Commute Solutions Program. 

We specialize in commuter program management for employers, and our Commute Solutions Program is our way of bringing expertise to your organization. We offer four program levels to help you enhance or build a robust commuter program tailored to your organization and your employees. At each level, a Commute Management Guide  is developed and delivered to you in order to fit your specific needs, meet your organization's goals, and gives our unique and research driven perspective. 


  • Commute Management Guide development with our team of experts


Our basic program with some added support:

  • Commute Management Guide development
  • Research
  • Training and Support


Our primary program, plus program outreach:

  • Commute Management Guide development
  • Research
  • Training and Support
  • Program outreach, advertising, and marketing materials

Full Access

Our one-stop shop program:

  • Commute Management Guide development
  • Research
  • Training and Support
  • Customize program outreach, advertising, writing, surveys, and marketing development
  • Commute Management Guide Implementation
  • Emergency Ride Home Management
  • Dedicated customer service call center
  • Customized events or webinars
  • Ridematching recommendations
  • Dedicated Commute Coordinator
Prepared by the Rideshare Company

What Comes in Your Commute Management Guide?

  • An analysis on your organization’s structure, goals, and challenges
  • Information and resources on the alternate modes of commuting
  • Emergency Ride Home Information
  • Samples of media for events and communications

To learn more about our Commute Solutions Program, fill out the form below and one of our rideshare consultants will contact you to set up a Discovery Call.

Our team can also help you with the following:

  • Customize transportation options
  • Rideshare to work education, marketing, and outreach
  • Employee transportation benefits and incentives
  • Transportation management, including carpool, vanpool, and fleet options
  • Enviromental aspects of commuting, including data collection and analysis.

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