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Create Your Own ‘Me Time’ Commute in 2024

What is it about our daily commute that is so engrained in our lifestyle and brings us so much daily angst? Commuting is widely surveyed to be one of our least favorite activities, yet it’s considered a necessary evil. How can it be that people would “rather clean their toilets” than commute to work? Instead of dreading your commute, why not use 2024 as the year for changing your commute routine and turning commute time into “Me Time”.

Finding “Me Time” in a regular 9 am to 5 pm workday is to say the least, difficult. But maybe your “Me Time” could be to listen to podcasts while commuting. Listening to a podcast is a way to clear your mind while in the sanctuary of being “alone” on your commute. When you grab that window seat on the train or see the sun peaking over the horizon as you are riding on jam-packed public transit or even possibly sitting in slow-moving highway traffic, knowing you’ll be able to transport your mind to a different place of untroubled thoughts makes the commute worthwhile.

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by Angela Canova  | 

Our Top 10 Commuter Resolutions for 2024

We’re calling it now—2024 is the year of the commuter.  

The world is ushering in a new era of transportation with electrification at the forefront, and seeing commuters change their behavior—or at least try—is not unrealistic. 

Especially in the beginning of the new year, people are looking to make small positive changes in their daily life that we have come to know as resolutions. A great place to start is by improving something we all do every single day—moving around our world.  

Transportation is responsible for 28% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US. This means that any way we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned by cars, trucks, buses, boats, or planes will be helping to decrease our carbon footprint.  

Give your New Year's Resolution wheels. Here are our top 10 commuter resolutions for 2024! 

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

Let's Beat the Holiday Stress

We have entered The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with cheerful decorations popping up everywhere, radio stations playing nonstop holiday music, and all our favorite seasonal movies making an appearance on every channel and streaming service.  

With all this comes many perceived notions about the holiday season. When people think about the holidays, they envision festive social gatherings, traditions, and happy memories.  

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by Angela Canova & Isabelle Brown  |