Election Day: Rideshare Style

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Tuesday November 8th is Election Day, and we’re getting there in style. Rideshare style, that is! 

Making your plan to get to the polls is very important, and a great way to do it is by sharing the ride. Here are some ways to ride in true rideshare fashion to your local polling location: 



Setting up a time to make your way to the polls with a friend or family member is great motivation to go out and vote. Together, you can avoid peak voting times and make it a breeze. A neighbor is a great voting buddy, too.  

Voting is a national community effort, so creating a voting plan with your personal community is very appropriate. Many organizations are able to make Election Day a company holiday to encourage their employees to go out and vote. If your employer offers this paid day off, try gathering some coworkers with the same polling location to go together!  


Volunteer to Drive People  

You can make a difference this Election Day by volunteering your time to drive people to the polls. There are organizations like Rideshare2Vote that offer rides to people in certain states around the US. People are welcome to apply to be volunteer drivers, and rides provided by Rideshare2Vote are free and round trip.  

You could choose to pitch in to a larger effort like this sort of organization, or it could be as simple as offering rides to people in your life who could use assistance. Start by thinking of the people you know: elderly family members or neighbors, first time voters, or people who don’t own a car.  

Open your heart and your car door by driving people to and from the polls. What a great way to support your fellow community members! 


Walk or Bike 

One factor about Election Day that lends itself to active transportation is that most people have a short trip to make to their polling location. With people driving all over town to get to the polls, you can avoid the traffic and stress by choosing a car-free option. 

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with a bike share program, this could be the perfect way to get there. In LA, for example, 30-minute Metro Bike Share passes are free on Election Day! No parking stress, no setting time aside to account for traffic, and no money out of your pocket! 

In New Orleans, the organization called Young People Vote created a “Bike N Vote” initiative which provides free bikes to their community for early voters. The goal of this initiative is to support populations that are historically underrepresented in election cycles and the community, specifically young people of color.

These sorts of community efforts and movements are an incredible way to bring green transportation and access to the polls together to create a positive impact! 


VFH: Vote from Home! 

Working from home? How about voting from home? Absentee ballots allow people to vote by mail and are a great option for those unable to vote in person.  

Applying for an absentee ballot can be done online, and every state allows voting by mail, although some require an acceptable excuse. People who lack transportation can utilize this method of voting and avoid the stress of trying to sort out a ride to and from the polls.  

If you plan to mail in an absentee ballot, be sure to stay ahead of deadlines and other guidelines to make sure that your vote counts. 


How do I Find my Local Resources? 

There are a lot of details to be aware of when it comes to voting on Election Day. Your voter registration status, polling location, and valid forms of ID are the basics. Worrying about your transportation there should ideally be the least of your worries.  

Finding your local rideshare resources can be a good start through a Google search like “[Town Name] – Ride to polls.” Thankfully, there are companies doing great things to support people who need rides to the polls such as local transit agencies in cities around the US offering free rides on Election Day. Lyft is also offering discounted rides to polling locations and free rides to those in select underserved communities. 


Did we inspire you to vote rideshare style on November 8th? Let us know how you’re getting out to the polls on our Twitter page. #VoteinRideshareStyle!