Get Growing: National Gardening Day

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Today on April 14th, we celebrate National Gardening Day! Whether you have a garden of your own, have a friend with a green thumb, or are looking to start one, this day is used to spread the word of the joys and benefits of gardening.

Why Should I Start A Garden?

There is a wide array of benefits to gardening. It can act as a physical activity in a subtle and relaxing way. Working outside in a garden, whether in your yard or a community plot, is a peaceful form of exercise that can build muscle and boost your physical health.

This type of connection to nature is also beneficial to your mental and emotional wellbeing. Spending time outside can lower stress and ease depression, not to mention lower your carbon footprint. This sustainable hobby lessens your dependence on driving to the grocery store, connecting you deeply to the food you eat as you grew it yourself. This creates a sense of pride and nourishes your body and mind in a meaningful way.

Buying seeds to plant is a practical way to eat home grown, organic food for very little money. If you are someone who wishes they could eat healthier for less money, starting a garden is the answer. Besides finances, gardening is a sustainable use of space, whether in your yard or a community garden. Connecting yourself to the land, the cycle of life, and the food you eat is enriching in so many ways.

Get Planting!

There are many resources to beginning a garden online. It may seem daunting to start to grow your own food, but with a little research and beginner supplies, you can do it! Even if you live in an apartment, there are several herbs and vegetables you can plant in a pot on your windowsill.

You may ask: Why should I start a garden? The real question is: Why not?