Hey Carpoolers... Try This October Playlist!

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

The music played in a carpool really set the vibe for your day. Picking the right song or podcast can act as a real bonding experience for friends or coworkers. We’re here to help you curate the perfect October playlist to set the tone for a spooky month of sharing the ride! 


Autumn in New York 

By Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong 

Among the great things about fall is the cozy feeling all around. This song brings out sweet tones that pair perfectly with a pumpkin latte on a cold morning with your coworkers. Ella and Louis’ voices romanticizing the season of apple picking, big sweaters, and fall colors--pure harmony! 


A Spooky Podcast 

Spice up the car ride with a scary story. The podcast titled ‘Lore’ covers topics such as folklore, legends, and historical events in a style that brings the feeling of being gathered around a campfire. Make sure your fellow carpoolers are fans of the genre before playing this one. If it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there are plenty of ways to go with choosing a podcast. Maybe a historical piece on a spooky subject, a deep dive into the making of a classic Halloween movie, or even an audiobook that takes place in fall! 



By Broken Bells 

Have you ever listened to a song that somehow transports you? This song feels like walking in the park in the fall in the movie of your life. It’s the perfect background song to a brisk morning car ride. Finding songs that have this effect leads to great conversations and fellow carpoolers asking you, “What song is this?” Is there any better feeling than that? 


Your Favorite Fall Movie Soundtrack 

Sometimes, a soundtrack is the best playlist there can be. Choosing a nostalgic and fan-favorite spooky movie or show and letting its soundtrack play can be a great carpool playlist. A few favorite of ours: Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Addams Family. Shows that take place in fall or just remind us of these cozy times can be another great choice. Think Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, and The Haunting of Hill House! 



By Dusty Springfield 

Our last October carpool song is one with a contagiously fun beat and Dusty’s unique voice. With an almost mysterious instrumental melody, the spooky lyrics like Just like a ghost you’ve been haunting my dreams have made this one an October classic. Its original recording by Classic IV in 1967 is just as toe-tapping and hypnotic. 


Here’s to your Spooky Carpool! 

Have we given you any ideas for how to make the most of your carpool this fall? Whether your group is scary movie lovers, pumpkin spice people, or vampires in disguise, there is plenty to love about fall that you can capture with the right music. Turn your rideshare into a ridescare this month.