How to Turn a Virtual Holiday Party into a Gathering to Remember

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

In the spirit of togetherness, we’re making the most of every moment with our team this holiday season. While a traditional holiday party may not be in the cards, we are here with five awesome tips to make your virtual party a memorable event full of laughs and holiday joy!

Before we jump into our tips, we recommend sending out a survey to see what your coworkers want to do at a holiday event. This way, everyone can be a part of the planning!

Organize a Festive Dress Code

Whether you want to take the ugly Christmas sweater route or encourage everyone to dress in their favorite holiday attire, dressing up for a party is a lot of fun. Many people love to get creative and festive with makeup, hats, sweaters, and jewelry. This can make a group photo look great for your company’s social media accounts, too!

Holiday Movie Screening

What’s better than watching a holiday movie with friends and coworkers? This one is a great idea for a company-wide survey. Include either an open-ended answer box or give choices to see what people may want to watch. It can even be a short holiday special, like the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Play a Game

Games are more than possible on a video call—they’re perfect for it! Honorable mention goes to “Mostly Likely To” where someone reads prompts such as “Most likely to forget their own birthday” and the group all writes down who in the group best fits the script. This one will lead to lots of laughs, like when everyone chooses someone different, or even better: when the answer is totally unanimous.

Holiday Movie Trivia

Take all the holiday classics and put together a good old-fashioned game of trivia. Have someone in charge of asking questions and keeping score, and let the fun begin. Your movie buffs will love this one, but there is one flaw. How can we make sure no one is cheating at a virtual party? I guess we’ll have to go by the honor system!

Make a Festive Treat as a Team

Winter gifts us with amazing festive snacks and drinks that can be a lot of fun to make as a group, even virtually. The first that comes to mind is a gingerbread house making party, but there are so many possibilities like hot cocoa, holiday cookies, and Rice Krispy treats.

Happy Holidays! 

We hope these ideas can spark some inspiration for a possible virtual holiday party for you and your coworkers. The relationships we build at work can lead to incredible bonds. Enjoy each other this holiday season!

From your friends at The Rideshare Company: Be well, stay safe, and Happy Holidays!