Making the Most of Halloween

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

This year, we have watched as beloved holidays come and go, like Easter, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July. Now, it’s finally time for a mask-friendly holiday—Halloween!

As October 31st approaches, the CDC has given us great ideas on how to enjoy the sweetest night of the year. We may not be able to have a classic trick-or-treat experience, but there are plenty of alternate ways to dress up and have fun on Halloween night.

Many towns, schools, and communities have done Trunk-or-Treat events for past Halloweens. While that won’t be happening this year, Rideshare has thought of a few ways to have a safe, social distanced Trunk-or-Treat.

  • Organize your own Trunk-or-Treat with members of your family or neighbors. Staying outside, in a mask, and 6 feet apart is the best way to keep everyone safe and still have fun.
  • Pull vehicles to the end of your driveways and go all out with spooky decorations in your trunk: Spiderwebs, skeletons, crazy costumes, lights, music—the possibilities are endless!
  • Keep the walking path to a one-way system to maximize safety.
  • Incorporate a cloth mask into your child’s costume. [Remember: A Halloween costume mask does not replace a cloth face mask]
  • Hand out individual bags of candy instead of letting kids reach into a bowl.
  • Have kids vote for their favorite trunk!
  • A small Trunk-or-Treat is a lot of fun, but may be short lived. Set up a pumpkin carving or painting table outside in someone’s yard so the fun can continue, and kids can still be social distancing.

Being a parent or caregiver takes creativity and open-mindedness now more than ever. And who knows? Going above and beyond to organize a small neighborhood or family Trunk-or-Treat might be so fun, it could become a new Halloween tradition!