National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Weather has a substantial impact on our energy consumptionas electricity powers us through the cold winter months. Less daylight and warmth can bring our use of lighting and heating to an all-time high for the year.  

 A common New Year's resolution is to spend less. This year on Sunday, January 10, National Cut Your Energy Costs Day brings awareness and tips to help us cut our usage down and save us money on our utility bills! 

We have a few ways to cut back on energy consumption to start off the new year right.  

Consider commute options

Fuel prices make up a good portion of the average household’s costs per month. Using public transportation or joining a carpool even one day a week can significantly cut costs and trips to gas stations. Similarly, people who carpool or use alternate modes of transit save on vehicle maintenance, which can be especially costly in the winter months. 

Lighting choices

It seems small, but the average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting according to the Department of Energy. Cutting your energy bill, even by 5%, is only helping yourself in the long run. Choosing more efficient lightbulbs like CFLs and LEDs as well as purchasing controls like dimmers and timers are small steps toward spending less on our utility bills this winter.

It is also worth mentioning that utilizing natural light during the day is always the most efficient choice, taking advantage of the warmth and light that comes in through the windows. Reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills is sometimes easier than you think! 

Reduce water use

Taking shorter showers, only running the dishwasher and washing machines when completely full, and checking all faucets, toilets, and showers for leaks are all good ways to cut back on daily water consumption. Another way to be intentional and less wasteful is to never let the water run excessively while you brush your teeth, shave, or wash the dishes. 

Lightening your energy costs makes room for some of life’s simple pleasures, and reduces financial stress in your daily life. With any kind of change to your lifestyle, be patient and take it day by day. Over time, your small steps will begin to pay off, and it will show on your utility bills.