Road Tripping Responsibly

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Did you know that this Friday is National Road Trip Day? To the adventurers who want to see it all, but also reduce their carbon footprint while doing so, this one’s for you. Here’s 3 ways to make your summer road trip more eco-friendly!

Travel Together with Friends

You know how we love our carpools. Road tripping with friends is like a carpool and vacation in one! Instead of driving separate cars and meeting at locations, driving together can make a big impact when it comes to the number of vehicles on the road. Being on a road trip with a group makes it way more fun, too! You can take turns driving, split the cost of gas, and enjoy the open road together in the process.

Leave Nothing Behind but Tire Tracks

It goes without saying, but litterbugs are a no-go on road trips. As you stop at rest areas, scenic overlooks, and destinations along the way, be sure to pick up after yourself. Did you know that in a two-year period, the Washington State Department of Transportation disposed of 6,075 tons of litter from roadsides across the state? While traveling, we like to follow this mantra: Be kind. Leave nothing behind!

Bring Your Bike!

A road trip is equal parts about the journey and the destination. Stopping at local parks, historical markers, national forests, and beaches brings a great opportunity to soak in the world around you. Bringing your bicycle can be the perfect way to get some physical activity in between long stretches of driving. If you don’t have a bike, a trusty pair of hiking boots or walking shoes will get you moving, too.

Let's Hit the Road

Above all, road trips are a lot less impactful than taking a plane ride and, in many circumstances, will save you a ton of money. Just be sure to be mindful on your trip, plan ahead, and drive safely!