Shedding Light on Office Plants

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

As we transition back to the office from remote work settings, brightening up your space with indoor plants can reduce stress, improve productivity, and boost creativity.

When choosing to decorate your office with indoor plants it’s all about the windows you’re working with. They really have the last word on which plants will thrive in your office, as they play a major role in the light and temperature of your space.

In A Nutshell

East-Facing Windows

These windows produce the brightest sunlight in the morning when the sun’s rays are not super strong. Windows facing the east are good for plants that require moderate sunlight or only a few hours of light a day.

  • Ideal plants: Monstera Deliciosa, Prayer plant, Parlor Palm
West-Facing Windows

Windows facing the west get the full sun of the afternoon and evening. In spring and summer, this light can be quite intense, making this directional window great for sun-loving indoor plants.

  • Ideal plants: Jade plant, English Ivy, Aloe Vera
South-Facing Windows

These will provide the brightest sunlight from morning to sundown. If your office has south-facing windows, be prepared to close your shades on especially hot summer days. Some plants that require direct sun may begin to get scorched in the heat, signaled by yellowing leaves, or burnt spots.

  • Ideal plants: String of Pearls, fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, or mint
North-Facing Windows or No Windows at all

There are many houseplants that thrive in little or indirect light. These will be your best friend in an office with north-facing windows, windows that are in the shade, or a space with no windows at all. Shade-loving plants will show you if they need a bit more sun through signals like leggy growth or leaning toward the closest source of light.

  • Ideal plants: Snake plant, Peace Lily, Pothos

Let an indoor plant purify the air in your office space as your transition from working from home. Watch as your coworkers marvel at the natural beauty on your desk!