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Gear Up for a Greener Commute: Cycle to Work Day

Every year on August 3rd, cycling enthusiasts and environmental advocates around the UK come together to celebrate Cycle to Work Day 

This annual event encourages individuals to trade in their cars and public transport for bicycles, promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly commuting option.

In the US, we celebrate Bike to Work Day in the middle of May for National Bike Month. We have a great time spending Bike Month sharing about the many benefits of cycling, practical tips for participating, and the positive impact it has on both individuals and the planet as a commute form. Cycle to Work Day achieves the same goal—to encourage cycling and share the two-wheeled love! 

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Let’s Get Together: Carpooling During COVID-19

With vaccine rollouts and back-to-work plans getting ramped up, we’d like to share some tips from the CDC on how to keep yourself and your colleagues safe while in a carpool!

Wear Masks!

The most obvious one: Play it safe and stay masked up in your carpool. It’s a simple and effective tactic to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while in a shared vehicle with your coworkers and friends. Make sure you’re taking proper care of your face masks, too. Ideally, wash your reusable masks and replace disposable masks after each use.

Get the Fresh Air Flowing

Get some fresh air on your way to the office by having the windows cracked on your ride. This keeps the air circulating in and out of the vehicle. If it’s cold, rainy, or just not realistic to have any windows down, the air vents in the vehicle will work as a helpful circulation system, too.

Keep Your Carpool Crew Close

Consistently having the same riders in your carpool reduces the amount of people you are in close quarters with. Keeping your carpool circle smaller helps with contact tracing, and reduces some of the risk from sharing a ride with a group that changes throughout the week.

What Else Can We Do?

There are little things to work into your carpool routine to keep you and your coworkers safe. Use proper hand hygiene, clean and disinfect surfaces in the vehicle often, and don’t overcrowd the vehicle you ride in.

Want to discuss ways to keep your carpools as safe as possible? Check out the CDC factsheet we have provided below. You can also contact us for our expertise and consulting services. Let’s talk!

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by Isabelle Brown  |