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Spring Cleaning: Car Edition

What’s the first chore you tackle when spring cleaning? Is it your closet, your kitchen, your garage? Don’t forget about another space that can be easy to leave out of the mix: your car!

Interior Cleaning

If you’re a member of a carpool, you want to make sure your vehicle is a clean space for your coworkers. Especially as we continue to protect ourselves and others against COVID-19, keeping your car disinfected and tidy is an important step to take.

Spring cleaning in your vehicle can start with an in-depth interior wash: Vacuum the floors and seats, dusting your radio and consoles, detail cleaning the small spaces like cupholders, and disinfecting door handles and buttons.

Get Your Windows Squeaky Clean

Winter can take a toll on your windows and mirrors. Sand and salt can be a pain for those who deal with snow where they live. Spray and wipe your windshield, windows, and side-view mirrors with a microfiber cloth. This is also a good time to replace your wipers to make sure they are ready for the April showers to come!

Two Words: Car Wash!

Whether you do it yourself or make your way to the car wash, cleaning your car’s exterior is one of the most important steps to keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition. Washing the car can be a fun activity on a warm day, or a quick errand if you would rather get it professionally done. Be thorough; don’t forget to wash your tires or headlights, and even finish with a wax if you’re up to it.

Let's Get To It!

Spring cleaning is a time to get parts of our daily life back in order after the winter months. Our vehicles play a major role in our day-to-day functions, and a messy car can leave you frazzled. Keeping your car clean is great for any commuter, especially members of a carpool. Who doesn’t love clean car compliments when you pick up a coworker?

by Isabelle Brown  |