The Trend of Working from Anywhere

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Through the magic of Airbnb and rental sites, people stationed at home have discovered a way to work remotely from anywhere. Remote workers have learned a lot since March of 2020. We have had plenty of time to learn what works for us and what doesn’t when it comes to working from home.

Airbnb data has shown the volume of reviews by US guests mentioning “remote working” since the start of the pandemic has nearly tripled, and more people than ever are opting to bring their pets along with them. The length of stays has increased tremendously, too. People are booking locations for more than 28 days, and we can think of several reasons why.

Allowing yourself a new environment can be refreshing and much needed in a time of monotony and isolation. People are leaving their small, urban apartments and homes and giving themselves access to nature and experiences to balance their work-from-home life. There are articles popping up everywhere with headlines like 17 Unique Airbnbs that Remote Workers Should Book Right Now, further showing the trend of working in a nourishing temporary space.

If a home away from home wouldn’t be ideal for you, there are rentable workspaces all over the US to make a temporary office out of. Instead of working at home, you can get the feel of going to the office everyday through companies like Regus and Millworks. These types of coworking offices can offer people many benefits, like a quiet, professional place to work and a new space to spark creativity and refresh your mind.

Getting creative when it comes to making your remote work life as productive as possible has reached new heights in the last year. We’ve got to admit, shaking up your current routine and finding new ways to do your best work sounds pretty great!