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A message from The Rideshare Company

June 2020

The recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has shed light on the issue surrounding intrinsic racism that targets the black community in the United States. It is not enough to stand by in silent support. We must use our voice to condemn the racial injustice and violence that has been perpetuated in our society. T

he world we wish for is one of equity, fairness, and peace. This cannot be achieved until we are able to challenge and correct the systems in which oppression and violence persist.

In our efforts toward a just and impartial society, it is our responsibility to support one another. Through pain, grief, anger, and heartache, we must stand with those impacted by tragedies like the loss of George Floyd. A husband, a father, a friend, a precious life has been taken from those who love him.

When an event strikes a chord throughout the nation as a whole, it becomes a collaborative effort for each individual to be a part of the greater solution. All must take a stand against injustices when we see them, take responsibility, measure the actions of ourselves and one another, and commit to working toward a safe, equal, and peaceful world.

The Rideshare Company stands beside the black community and every marginalized group throughout the United States. We believe in liberty and justice for all, unconditionally. We accept all walks of life and make strides every day to be part of the positive change we must see in our society.

May the world use this moment to become one of compassion, equality, and unity. We are here to show solidarity and love for those hurting. We are listening. We are with you.