Create Your Own 'Commute'

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

What is it about our daily commute that feels so engrained in our lifestyle? Is it the ‘Me Time’, the ability to ease into our workday, the simple routine of it all? In the past, commuting was widely surveyed to be one of our least favorite activities. But now that it’s gone, many people find themselves missing it.

Maybe it’s the realization that we’ve lost that in-between time to listen to a podcast, clear our minds on our drive into work, or the sanctuary of being alone in our car. Perhaps we don’t realize how peaceful it can be to grab the window seat on a train, see the sun peaking over the horizon while driving to the office, or people-watch on the subway. When we think of things like traffic on our way home or jam-packed buses, it feels odd that we would miss our commutes at all.

Writing tutor at Southern Connecticut State University, Stephanie Kaesmann told us, “Watching the seasons change on the parkway is something I miss about my commute as I can only tutor online now.”

You’d be surprised at the original thoughts and moments of peace that can be fostered on our rather monotonous daily commutes. Whether it’s walking to catch the subway or half hour drives on the highway, being on the go can bring clarity, and ritual invites a welcome consistency when the world feels so uncertain.

While teleworking, we can create small moments of routine that can mimic the way our commutes get us ready to take on the day. Sit by the window with a podcast on to have your morning coffee. Start the day with a short walk. Change out of your sweatpants. Play a game on your phone. Jot down your goals for the day in a planner or notebook.

When your commute becomes a walk from your bed to your desk, we begin to realize how much we miss even the most mundane parts of our regular day. Take time to give yourself that in-between time and separation from work you may find yourself missing.

While you’re at it, you can use our commuter calculator to see how much you’re saving on your commute.