E-Bikes on the Rise

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

The Rideshare Company is always looking for sustainable and smart commute options. One that we love to talk about is biking to and from work to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize the number of cars on the road.  

It comes as a surprise to many how physically demanding it is to ride a bicycle as your means of transportation.

It is an obstacle that keeps people from seeing this as a reasonable way to commute. We have had our eye on an emerging sector of the bicycle industry that may solve a majority of the problems revolving around biking to work. Many have heard of them, but few have ridden one for themselves… E-Bikes

Electric Bikes are quickly making their way to the top of bike culture, and even replacing cars in countries around the world.  

What is an E-Bike?

E-Bikes are unique bicycles with a small electric motor that makes pedaling easier and can propel you up hills and terrain like no bike has done before. This mechanic takes away many of the inconveniences that keep people from riding bikes.  

A huge plus-side to E-Bikes is the way they reduce the barrier to bike riding. Not every average person is conditioned to ride 5-10 miles to and from work. E-Bikes make it easy to cover these distances with the electric assist, building strength, endurance and confidence of riders.  

While E-Bikes sell for high prices, people weigh the cost in comparison to owning a second car. It becomes well worth the investment when you take out monthly car payments, gas prices, and basic car maintenance. 

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of getting a bicycle, add E-Bikes to your research. You will likely begin to see more of them as time goes on, along with an increase in safe bike lanes and routes all over cities around the country.