Great Gifts for the Telecommuter in Your Life

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

What are your favorite ways to spread love during the holidays? With so much uncertainty this year, missing friends and family has been a tough burden many are carrying. One way we can feel the love and togetherness of the holiday season is sending gifts to your loved ones.

With many people working from home, we all know a telecommuter that we hold dear. This opens up a lot of opportunities to send both a thoughtful and useful gift to those that have made their home into their office. Here are our top 5 favorite gifts for the telecommuters in your life for this holiday season!

A Quality Headset

One of the most vital yet underrated pieces of equipment for an ideal telework setup is a good headset! With Zoom calls becoming part of our daily work routines, having seamless audio and microphone connection can create a stress-free work environment for the telecommuter in your life. This gift is also great because it’s something your loved one would use almost every day. Whenever they have a successful Zoom meeting, they would think of you!

An Indoor Plant

Plants have so many benefits to bring to indoor spaces like home offices. Plants offer air-purifying qualities, reduce stress, and improve productivity, attentiveness, and mood. It’s a sweet gesture to gift someone you love a little green friend to take care of during this time where we spend much of our time alone. Just make sure you get a non-toxic variety if your loved one has pets just to be safe. If this person isn’t great with plant care, succulents are growing increasingly popular for how little attention they need! Even a fake plant could bring a nice touch of greenery to their desk space.

A Good Reusable Water Bottle

A sustainable and super useful gift for this holiday season is a reusable bottle like a Hydroflask or a Yeti. Remembering to hydrate is especially important because we don’t have a structured “lunch break” or break room to nourish ourselves in while we telework. It’s up to each of us individually to make sure we are taking breaks to eat and staying hydrated all day long to be our best, most productive selves. Getting a loved one a reusable bottle is like a daily reminder that you care about them and their health.

Personalized Desk Calendar

A calendar or planner can be a fun and personalized gift for any telecommuter in your life. Whether it’s photos of family and friends, cute animals, beautiful landscapes, or images from their favorite TV show, creating a calendar for someone shows thoughtfulness and love. Going into the new year, a calendar may help teleworking loved ones remain organized, productive, and motivated as we see how 2021 treats us.

Self-Care or Spa Kit

Our final gift recommendation for loved ones working from home is an at-home spa kit. Taking time for self-care is more important than ever with heightened feelings of isolation or boredom. When telecommuting, it can be difficult to find a healthy work-life balance as you are essentially living in your office space. Remind those you love that they deserve to pamper themselves and relax with a spa kit. Pick their favorite scents, colors, or beauty stores to give them a personal and tranquil experience in the comfort of their home.

We hope we sparked some ideas for a holiday gift for someone you love. Be safe, be healthy, and remember to send love the important people in your life.