How to Create the Perfect New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

“Cut out single-use plastic 100%.” “Go completely vegan.” “Rideshare every single day.” “Save 50% of every paycheck.” 

What do these phrases have in common? They are all New Year’s Resolutions that aren’t likely to stick.   

These goals are wonderful to have in a long-term sense, but telling yourself you have to drastically alter your lifestyle to make them happen will quickly lead to burnout. So, how do you set realistic New Year’s Resolutions that you won’t quit or give up on? 

Make it Achievable and Tangible

Pushing yourself toward positive change at all is a great thing, so let’s start there. Say your end goal is to cut single-use plastic from your life. A good resolution is to only use reusable shopping bags, your favorite refillable water bottle, and to start buying alternatives to everyday plastic products like sandwich bags and plastic wrap. Then, these practices will become your consistent behavior. These are steps that seem small, but add up to a great individual impact. 

Prepare in Advance 

Although our calendars reset on January 1st, we as people do not. We all love to think “New year, new me!” but becoming a better you will take a little work. That’s why we begin preparing toward our resolutions before January rolls around. If our 2022 resolution is to transition to a vegan lifestyle, we are going to spend the end of this year researching, learning, and preparing. You don’t have to wake up on January 1st and throw out every dairy product you own. It’s about taking steps toward that resolution.    

Track It 

One thing we sometimes forget to do with our New Year’s Resolution is to keep tabs on it! Suddenly it’s April and you realize “Oops… Didn’t I say I wanted to take transit or carpool every day this year?” If your resolution is to rideshare regularly, mark the days that you followed through on your calendar! If your goal is to save a percentage of your paychecks each month, create a log in a journal or your computer to track your financial progress and goals.  

Happy New Year! 

From your friends at The Rideshare Company: Have a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year. As we enter 2022, remember that every little step is an incredible accomplishment. Be proud of yourself, and may you enter the new year with hope and ambition.