Fun Fall Treats to Bring to Work

Whether you’re looking to surprise your coworkers with a snack in the break room, the carpool, or something to add some life to your packed lunch, we have a few fall recipes that are perfect for bringing to the office this October. (Note: Always be aware of coworker allergies before offering snacks, or label with ingredients used!)

Mini Pumpkin Muffins

Customizable, snackable, and easy, mini muffins are a perfect snack on the go. Great for breakfast, lunch, or just a treat throughout the workday, it’s as easy as popping one into your mouth! Imagine breaking these out in the carpool on the way to work? Instant breakfast for everyone! We like to sneak white chocolate chips or walnuts into our mini pumpkin muffins. They’re the perfect festive October snack that your coworkers are sure to be thankful for. If you make a batch of mini muffins and found it to be a success, you can even shake it up and make different flavors next week, like banana, chocolate chip, or cinnamon streusel.

DIY Granola Bars

We’re over individually packaged store-bought granola bars this October. We’re making them ourselves! Did you know it’s as easy as mixing quick cook oats with a sweetener, a fat, and whatever add-ins you like? Homemade granola bars are a perfect energy boosting snack to slip in your lunch box, your kids’ packed lunches, or on a plate in the break room. In one batch of a simple granola bar base, you can make multiple flavor combinations so you can bring in a variety for your coworkers to choose from. Some of our favorite ingredients to add are: nut butter, mini chocolate chips, dried fruits, and sliced almonds.

Apple Chips

This one is simple, sweet, and perfectly embodies the fall season: Homemade apple chips. This treat is the perfect opportunity to practice your slicing skills and put some freshly picked apples to use without having to bake a pie. Is anything more satisfying than the flavor combination of apple and cinnamon? Making a batch of baked apple chips gives you the perfect snack to pack every day and its super sharable!  Try different types of apples to mix things up and have a perfect fall snack at the ready!

Do you have a favorite fall recipe to bring to work? Any vegan or allergy-friendly versions of the ones we’ve shared? Whether it’s made from fall ingredients or maybe Halloween themed, tweet them at us using the hashtag #TweetYourTreats!

by Isabelle Brown  |