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Ecofriendly Living Tips for the Summer

Does the summer heat have you running your car’s air conditioner on full blast or buying more refreshing drinks in single-use plastic bottles?  

It can be difficult to find an ecofriendly balance in the summer when all you want to do is stay cool. Keep in mind that we can’t be perfect while trying to minimize our personal carbon footprints.  

Our organization is all about the power of small daily changes like the daily commute. We’re here to help with some easy daily tips to stay cool while living green this summer! 

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

Have A Very Green Halloween: Ecofriendly DIY Decoration Ideas

Sharing the ride by carpooling or taking transit to work or school makes an incredible impact in reducing your carbon footprint. It puts us on the right path toward greener commute options being utilized more widely and saves commuters both time and money.  

Making these sorts of sustainable choices in our daily life can actually be a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. Carpooling with a group to fall festivities, getting together for fall bike rides, and starting a fall garden really make the most of this time of year. How about making your own Halloween decorations instead of spending money on store-bought plastic options?  

Here are 5 ideas to make your Halloween green with DIY decorations! 


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by Isabelle Brown  | 

5 Ways to Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Summer

Making small efforts to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle can actually save you money this summer, and inspire positive change in different areas of your daily life. Here are 5 ways to have some great, green summer fun!

Shop Local: Farmers Markets

Going to a farmers market isn’t only a fun summer activity. There are more to these markets than meets the eye. Produce at farmers markets are typically sold at lower prices than a supermarket, and three out of every four farmers say they use practices consistent with organic standards. By shopping at local farmers markets, you can be spending less to receive sustainably grown produce all while stimulating local economies and preserving America’s farmlands.

Beat the Heat: Close your Shades

You’d be surprised how much heat can come in through your windows. A good way to prevent running the air conditioning all day long is to close your shades on hot summer days. This is a natural way to provide shade to your home and save money on energy costs.

Two Words: Bike More!

One of the worst parts of summer is opening your car door to the intense wave of heat that has been trapped inside. Then, you slide onto your seat that can reach temperatures upwards of 180-200 degrees F, and nearly burn yourself on the metal seatbelt. How can we avoid this? Bike there! For trips within a few miles, biking there is a great way to leave the car at home altogether and save money on gas!

Use Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Believe it or not, island nations and states are beginning to ban beachgoers from wearing harmful sunscreens in the waters. When it comes to purchasing reef friendly sunscreen, checking the active ingredients is key. The big substances to look for are Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, parabens, and microplastics. If any of these are listed, put it back on the shelf. Here is an in-depth article from the Save the Reef charity project to learn more.

Doing your Part: Picking up Litter

A good motto to bring to your eco-friendly summer is to leave every space better than you found it. Something simple to include in your beach or hiking routine is bringing a trash bag and gloves with you. As you clean up after yourself, picking up litter even on a small scale makes a difference. Joining community beach clean-ups is also a weekend activity that can be fun and very rewarding!

Be safe in the heat this summer, and don’t forget that even small efforts to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle are worth it!

by Isabelle Brown  |