The Truth of Coffee: Why Do We Love it so Much?

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

As creatures of habit, there are pieces of our lives that become an everyday staple without us realizing it. It can be doing your hair how you like it, your refined cooking methods, or the news you read each morning. One daily routine seems to be a consensus in the US. It’s drinking our favorite hot, caffeinated beverage: Coffee.

It seems simple enough. People drink coffee because caffeine is technically addictive. But to coffee drinkers, there are factors of having a morning (and maybe afternoon) coffee that go beyond needing a kick of energy. So, why do we really love coffee so much?

The Social Aspect

Coffee, over time, has become a social experience of togetherness. Hearing the words “Let’s get together for coffee” is just music to our ears. Chatting over a latte is something special. It can spark new relationships, keep friendships going strong, and even mend broken bonds. (Wait… is coffee actually magic?)

A Sweet Escape

On another hand, coffee is simply a comforting drink that has the power to make you feel warm inside. While it’s popular belief that coffee drinkers are always itching for some caffeine to keep them energized, more people drink it to relax than you may think. Enjoying a familiar, warm beverage like coffee in your favorite mug can aid in creativity, mental stimulus, and overall calmness.


After a while, coffee becomes a staple to your workday. As we mentioned, humans are creatures of habit. Once you get used to being productive and getting work done with a coffee in your hand, it feels right to have a cup to keep that momentum going. It’s similar to how some people end the day with a cup of tea before bed to wind down. Maybe that’s why talking around the coffee pot in the office brings unity and a feeling of teamwork; we are enjoying each other’s company before getting back to work.

Drink Up!

It may come as comfort to our fellow coffee lovers that not only is the drink good for energy and productivity, but it’s good for you, too. It burns fat, contains essential nutrients, and stimulates the nervous system. So, drink up, but be sure to drink even more water than you do coffee. Cheers!