Top 5 Places in the U.S. to See Fall Foliage

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

As September rolls in, it’s the perfect time of year to rent a hybrid or electric vehicle and plan a road trip with the family. With the help of friends, family, and internet research, we have our Top 5 list of best locations to see the leaves change colors.

5. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This beautiful expanse of water is surrounded by a resort city of vast estates. The landscape is rich with a variety of trees, giving a dramatic autumn color palette until late November. Along the lake are hiking and bike trails, beaches, museums, orchards and farms, wineries, shopping centers, and more to explore and take in the history and beauty of the area in all its fall glory.

4. The Berkshires, Massachusetts

In Western Massachusetts is a mountain range of peaks, river valleys, forests, and breathtaking scenery that beckons travelers year-round. The Berkshires have culture, cuisine, adventure, and natural beauty to enjoy, along with stunningly bright fall colors. With a number of state forests and parks to explore, peaceful sightseeing is in no short supply.

3. Mount Hood, Oregon

While Mt. Hood is well known for skiing and snowboarding, mid- to late-October is an alluring sight to see. From the Mt. Hood National Forest to the Clackamas River, there are a number of spots to experience the deep reds and vivid yellows of the trees. There are equestrian trails, recreational centers, and stretches of byway to cruise along and take in the radiant scenery.

2. Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia

This segment of the Appalachian Mountains is known for its blue-ish appearance from afar. But in the fall months, the landscape is overtaken by brilliant orange and reds. While each elevation level of the mountains has their own peak times for foliage, this range has one of the longest running and most colorful fall leaf seasons around the world.

1. Catskills, New York

The mountains of the Catskills become a masterpiece in the fall. Our favorite place in the U.S. to see the leaves change colors, this family trip should be on everyone’s bucket list. The landscape becomes enveloped in crimson and gold in an unforgettable way. The sights, tastes, and experiences of fall are endless with mountains, waterfalls, farms, cideries, cabins, and national parks to fulfill your wildest autumn dreams.

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