Top 5 Summer Car Tips

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

As we enter July, your carpool is likely in full swing. Let’s make sure we’re staying on top of maintenance and cleanliness to keep our vehicles in good shape this summer!  

Here are our 5 summer tips to keep your carpool cool: 

  1. Test your AC
  2. Get your air filter inspected
  3. Check tire pressure before long summer days
  4. Park in the shade
  5. Be prepared with helpful car gadgets 


Test Your AC 

Waiting for your car to cool down on a hot day can feel like an eternity, especially if your refrigerant system needs to be charged. Taking your car into a trusted shop is typically the best way to go unless you’re comfortable working on your vehicle yourself. It’s difficult to go without a well air-conditioned vehicle in a carpool. After all, a cool car leads to happy passengers! 

Inspect Air Filters 

Dirt in your car’s engine can lead to big issues like impacted gas mileage, poor air conditioning performance, compromised air quality in your vehicle, and musty odors. Keeping on top of this can avoid many potential safety problems and keep the air in your vehicle at a good quality.  

Check Tire Pressure 

The season of long drives, road trips, and adventures is upon us, so we need to be aware of our tire pressure. Whether you’re the driver of a carpool or heading out on a long summer drive, properly inflated tires maximize your gas mileage, and this is something we should all prioritize. Not to mention, driving on worn or under-inflated tires is extremely dangerous and are prone to blowouts.  

Park in the Shade 

Believe it or not, there are worse things about parking in the hot sun than burning your hand on the metal seatbelt. The sun can damage your interior, fade your paint, and even put your tires at higher risk of blowing out. Parking in the shade or in a parking garage whenever you can is a great way to take precautions to keep your car safe from the summer heat.  

Think Ahead with Car Gadgets 

Those sandy beach days that lead to an inevitable trip to the car wash are always on our minds come summertime. Being prepared with a handheld vacuum can avoid this. Other handy tools are car trash cans, air fresheners, a sunshade, battery-powered fans, and seat and steering wheel covers. Your carpool buddies are sure to appreciate a well-prepared vehicle to ride in! 

Ready to Go! 

Do you have any car tips that make your summer even better? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #SummerCarTips! Happy carpooling!