What Your Commute Says About You

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

At The Rideshare Company, we are big fans of every type of commute. Do you ever wonder what your commute reveals about you?


If you carpool to work with a coworker or two, you’re reliable. Each member of a carpool is integral to its function. Look at you go!



If you take the train for your daily commute, you understand the value of peace and quiet. Giving yourself time to check social media, read some news articles, or just close your eyes and enjoy the ride is admirable.


If you ride the bus, you are organized and punctual. You’re not going to be the one who misses a deadline or joins a Zoom meeting late.


If you are in a vanpool, you’ve been called the life of the party before. You’re social, spirited, and trustworthy.



If you bike to work, you’re an early riser who loves to spend your weekends soaking in the world around you. You probably drink black cold brew, too.

Driving Alone

Finally… If you drive alone to work, you may be considered an ‘old soul’, or perhaps you’re just a bit behind the times. Check out our commute savings calculator to see what you could be saving if you used a form of ridesharing to get to and from work instead of a single-occupancy vehicle.

So, were our assumptions accurate? We’d love if you would tweet at us with the hashtag #MyCommuteStyle and let us know how you get to work and if our first impressions were right.