I have been a part of the FOX Commute Program since 2009 and it has been exceptional. In the early days, I started using the program when I commuted by bus to work from the West Hollywood area. When my team relocated to Playa Vista, I continued to use the program as I biked to work daily. Today, and now back at the FOX Lot, I carpool with a colleague at least 3 times a week.

Kudos to FOX (and The Rideshare Company) for putting together such a flexible and rewarding program. I and our environment thank you very much.

H. Escoto, FOX

We found easy commute to be the only one of its kind in the US which was a truly turnkey solution.

John Moore, VP Environmental, Health & Safety, FOX Networks Group

I moved to Los Angeles a few months ago and am fairly new to the company. When I first moved here, I was catching Uber and Lyft everywhere. Honestly, it was very inefficient and expensive. I didn’t really want to take public transportation because I heard that Los Angeles had horrible transportation services compared to the East Coast. However, when I found out about FOX Commute, I decided to try it out.

I really liked that FOX created an initiative to help the environment, especially because Los Angeles isn’t known as the most environmental friendly city. I’m really glad that I decided to try FOX Commute. Catching public transportation only added 20 minutes to my commute and saved me a LOT of money. I look at the statistics on the FOX Commute’s website and take pride in knowing that I contributed to lowering our carbon footprint. I would definitely recommend FOX Commute to anyone.

D. Monroe, FOX

Back in October 2011, my trusty 19-year-old Honda Accord began to leave me stranded on the road. After I was in a car accident on the 405 Freeway, totaling my husband’s borrowed truck, I needed more dependable transportation to get to FOX.

Researching options, I found a Commuter Express bus stop within walking distance from my house. With its limited stops during work rush hours, the Commuter Express 573 is fast, reliable, and safe as it travels its route from the San Fernando Valley to Century City and back again. On the days I ride the bus to work, I spend my commute time relaxing, reading, surfing the internet with free wi-fi, and making new friends. The best part is that by enrolling in the FOX Commute program, my commuting costs are absolutely free! Thanks FOX!

D. Valdivia, FOX

I’ve been using FOX Commute since Oct 31st 2016 (and it’s scary good!...). The main reason why I joined up was to save on gas and help the environment. I’ve already cut my gas spending by $80 a month, and the money saved will be going towards an eventual down payment on an electric vehicle. I’d definitely recommend FOX Commute to anyone who has a long commute, looking to save on gas, or just wanting to help the environment. The service basically pays for itself with ride credit and tax benefits too. It’s an all-around great service that more people should check out.

B. Worth, FOX

The Rideshare program has been a great benefit for our staff. Since our office is located in the heart of DC, most people bike, walk or metro to work. The commute tracking calendar is easy to use and staff love the benefit of being compensated for commuting to work. The staff at Rideshare are great partners to our HR team and employees. We can always count on them for a quick and informative response to any questions coming our way.

C. Alexander, National Geographic, DC