3 Reasons the U.S. is Loving E-Bikes

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

The biking industry is getting in the electric swing of things with E-Bikes on the rise. Already extremely popular in countries around Asia and Europe, the electric bicycle craze is finally hitting the United States. Just imagine if your bicycle had a battery and motor to propel you up hills and allow you to ride longer distances. Well, consider this dream a reality with the emergence of electric bikes!

Here are three of the top reasons that E-Bikes are making a massive impact on the cycling world and transportation industry:

Getting People Out of Cars

E-Bikes are motivating people to see cycling as a real commute option in a way that traditional bicycles may have been missing. People with long commutes felt cycling to work was a non-option, but E-Bikes allow people to ride longer distances more easily. This has been a big positive change in the transportation industry, which is the biggest contributor of carbon emissions in the United States. E-Bikes take a lot of pressure off of cars and are leading to even more positive outcomes than electric cars could.

Taking Barriers Away from Cycling

There have always been silent prerequisites to being a cyclist. These factors would unknowingly place barriers in front of people with health concerns and adults of an older age. E-Bikes are chipping away at these obstacles by making riding more manageable for people not of perfect physical health. Riding up hills and over terrain more easily is opening doors and creating a more accessible world of biking.

The Transit Industry's Electric-Bound Momentum

While electric cars are on the rise, E-Bikes and electric public transit are still substantially better for the environment when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Creating even more electric transportation options is a huge strength of the E-Bike industry. They are surely much less expensive than buying an electric car, and are even beginning to replace the notion of purchasing a second car for families and working professionals.

We’re feeling good about the E-Bike industry, and seeing it continue to grow is promising. Watching a green transportation mode climb in popularity as quickly as electric bikes is exactly what we need to continue making the future greener and cleaner!