How to Finally Start Living Up to Our New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

In December, we shared our tips on how to create the perfect New Year’s Resolutions and stick to it. Making a goal that is realistic and tangible, preparing for it in advance, and tracking it are great tactics to making it happen.

We know that it’s easy to talk a big game in December before the real work begins. In January, you feel pressure to hold yourself accountable and stay true to the goals that you set. We want to share with you one final incredible way to make that resolution your reality this year.

Work as a Team

Having people on your side makes it possible to push yourself further than you thought you could. So, create a group resolution!

When discussing New Year’s resolutions, I found that the people around me had similar ideas for how to improve in 2022. Putting teamwork into action by helping one another stay determined and on track can be a great motivator.

How to Begin

To make any resolution into a group effort, make it broad enough that it can fit into each of your different lifestyles. Your resolution can be “Make more ecofriendly choices.”

Even if you don’t all have the same exact changes in mind, you are working together toward a shared end goal. One person could work on cooking more vegetarian meals. Another could get buckle down on single-use plastic. Best of all, your group can decide to form a carpool together and reduce your carbon footprint together!

Check in with Each Other

You can touch base on your goals by catching up in a group chat or planning a phone call each week. It could also be great to have a monthly reward as a team, like getting together at someone’s house for dinner or going out to a movie to celebrate working toward a shared goal.

It’s important to not place rewards solely on progress. Even if you aren’t seeing results, it doesn’t mean your work isn’t paying off. Also, remember that falling back on old habits or having a bad week does not mean you have to give up on your goals. Having a group resolution can be uplifting because you have friends cheering you on and reminding you that you’re in it together!

So, grab a couple friends or family members and make a plan together. New Year’s Resolutions can stick, and they can become staple parts of your everyday life!