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The Art of Brainstorming

This week at Rideshare, we’re doing some serious team brainstorming. With our CEO Nanci Fitzgerald taking the wheel in 2021, we are embracing the new era our organization is entering. We have the grand opportunity to grow, shift our focus, care for our existing clients, and build new connections.  

With our small but mighty team, the only way to do it right is to put all of our heads together in a team brainstorm session. Notebooks full of ideas and ordering in lunch will surely get our wheels turning.   

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

How We’re Spending Earth Month at Rideshare

At the Rideshare office, the work we do each day is helping people around the US reduce their carbon footprint by sharing the ride. We move people together every day, and in the last 25 years, our company has reduced CO2 in our air by over 700 million pounds. 

So, how do we go the extra mile during a special time like Earth Month each April? We work together to make changes in our daily lives to do a little more to reduce our individual carbon footprints! Coming together makes the effort feel like teamwork, and it’s great to share what we’ve been doing both in the office and at home.  

With Earth Day coming up this Saturday, April 22nd, let’s get green! 

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

How to Finally Start Living Up to Our New Year’s Resolutions

In December, we shared our tips on how to create the perfect New Year’s Resolutions and stick to it. Making a goal that is realistic and tangible, preparing for it in advance, and tracking it are great tactics to making it happen.

We know that it’s easy to talk a big game in December before the real work begins. In January, you feel pressure to hold yourself accountable and stay true to the goals that you set. We want to share with you one final incredible way to make that resolution your reality this year.

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

What Makes a Strong Leader in the Workplace?

Leadership is crucial to a productive team in the workplace. Something you learn over time is that leadership never looks exactly the same wherever you go. Sometimes it’s one person. Other times, it’s multiple members of a team working together to create direction toward a goal.

Whatever it looks like in your organization, there are special qualities that make a strong leader stand out in a group.

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by Isabelle Brown  | 

Telework as a Team: Overcoming the Challenges of Working from Home

It’s been one year of working from home for many Americans. You may be asking yourself, How do people do this year-round? It’s true, some jobs are fully remote. This tells us one thing that may shock you: Being productive at your home office is totally possible!

We want to share some tips on how to work together with your team in a work-from-home small business setting.

Find a Collaborative Planning Platform that Works for You

Keeping your projects, schedules, and deadlines in one place with your team makes a huge difference with productivity and organization. Instead of jotting things down in a planner or notebook, get into the virtual world of planning. This ensures that you and your team members are on the same page with responsibilities and tasks. One of our favorites is Microsoft Teams Tasks by Planner. It’s adaptable to your team’s work needs and connects you all in a super organized way—and it even has a mobile app!

Check in with Each Other

We know one of the most difficult parts of working from home is the feeling of isolation during your workday. Conference room meetings, lunch breaks with coworkers, and being down the hall from your team are things we will surely never take for granted again once we transition back into the office. Even in a virtual setting, spending time with your team can still be a normal part of your daily schedule. A Zoom lunch break or coffee hour can be a good way to catch up without having to talk about work.

Be Understanding

For many people, our home is not our ideal office. Life and work blending together often isn’t conducive to a productive work environment. A good way to overcome this challenge with your team members is to be open and understanding with one another. We all have our own lives to work around, with factors like kids, dogs, or roommates. Even thinking of each other’s workloads outside of team collaborations helps to not put unrealistic expectations on one another. Being there for each other is a huge part of being a team.

You've Got This!

When working from home, having a team in your small business makes it feel like you have people on your side. Find routines that work for your group. Until you can return to the office, do your best to make teleworking work for you.

by Isabelle Brown  |