What Makes a Strong Leader in the Workplace?

Posted on by Isabelle Brown

Leadership is crucial to a productive team in the workplace. Something you learn over time is that leadership never looks exactly the same wherever you go. Sometimes it’s one person. Other times, it’s multiple members of a team working together to create direction toward a goal.

Whatever it looks like in your organization, there are special qualities that make a strong leader stand out in a group.


Confidence is key in a leadership role, but an excess of anything can be a bad thing. Too much pride in a leader can cause progress to falter. Having humility in a group means entering discussions with an open mind and embracing the different strengths of each team member. Letting go of the reins is a skill that not every leader masters. Giving teammates their moment to lead a discussion can allow new ideas to emerge that otherwise wouldn’t. This type of equal playing field on a team builds a sense of listening, learning, and understanding.


Let’s be honest: Being able to articulate difficult truths is a skill. Especially in a team with coworkers that you like and respect, it takes a strong leader to communicate that an idea or project needs some work. The difference between “That’s not your best idea” and “Let’s build on that idea some more” can make or break a productive brainstorming meeting. Keeping the synergy among team members moving while providing constructive criticism can feel like an art form. A great leader has the emotional intelligence to do that successfully.


Where do we go from here? A leader is often someone who can conceptualize a clear vision of the future of a team or project. Knowing how the task at hand fits into the big picture allows ideas to click into place in the scope of a team. A skilled leader keeps in mind the purpose, goals, values, and desired outcome of what they are working to accomplish. Time management, task delegating, and strategic thinking all come into play here.

Recognize the Leaders in your Workplace

Even though someone in a leadership role may seem to always have their head on straight, it’s a demanding position. If you have someone within your team or organization who exhibits strong or admirable leadership qualities, let them know. Tell them they’re doing a great job. Thank them for being a great leader or member of your team. You never know how much they could use some recognition or kind words.