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One Week of Green Living for Earth Day 2022

One of the greenest days of the year is coming up this Friday—Earth Day! This is where our global community works together to invest in our planet and make changes to take action on climate, and we want to make it even better. We are going to live like it’s Earth Week.  

Each day leading up to Friday, we’re going to challenge ourselves to make a positive change in honor of Earth Day. Here’s our plan of action for Earth Week. 

Meatless Monday

Meat production and livestock farming are responsible for a large portion of our greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. The production of meat worldwide causes twice the pollution of production of plant-based foods. Dedicating one day a week to eating meat-free is a great tiny step to make an impact on the meat production industry. 


Tiny Steps Tuesday 

We’re big believers in taking things one step at a time. Shifting your lifestyle dramatically to be more sustainable isn’t likely to stick long-term. Just like our ideals of ridesharing, starting with taking a carpool one day a week is a great goal to start. Taking a tiny step today is the best start to taking care of the earth. Reduce your use of paper products, try transit one day a week, start using reusable shopping bags more consistently. We’ve got this! 


No Waste Wednesday

Our daily waste can be more than we realize. Water, food, plastic, clothing; it weighs over time. Transitioning into a no-waste lifestyle is difficult, but taking tiny steps is a great way to make a difference. I can repurpose my produce that’s about to go bad by freezing it and putting it in a smoothie. I can let my friends or family go through my bag of clothes I’ve been meaning to donate. I can make sure I’m bringing a reusable water bottle with me so I don’t have to buy a plastic one.  


Transit Thursday 

Public transit is a driving force in climate action within the transportation sector. One bus takes dozens of single occupancy cars off the road. By lessening traffic congestion and the number of commuters driving alone, public transportation reduces fuel use and connects people to their communities. Riding on CTTransit is free through June 20th, 2022 in Connecticut. Maybe this Earth Day is your perfect chance to give transit a try!


Car-Free Friday

We’re saving the best for last, and for Earth Day! Our mission since 1980 has been to lessen the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road to enhance the quality of our environment. This year on Earth Day, going car-free could be an amazing way for us to all come together and make a difference. Imagine a day where the streets are empty besides buses and bikes, and the sidewalks are full with people walking, running, or rolling!  

While not everyone is physically able to walk, bike, or take the bus, those who are could make a great impact by choosing to go car-free for a whole day.  

Happy Earth Week! 

Working for a company that strives to make a positive impact on our environment makes Earth Day a perfect time to push ourselves to make changes in our daily lives. What will you do this Earth Day to make your mark?  

by Isabelle Brown  | 

Commuting Green: Earth Day Special

It’s Earth Day, the annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection! As a nonprofit in the transportation industry, we want to get right down to business. The transportation sector generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the US at 29%. So, how can we do our part in protecting our planet through our daily commute?

Carpooling, of Course!

Joining a carpool is a simple way to decrease the number of cars on the road. Ridesharing does a lot of good for individuals—Saving people money and reducing traffic, stress, and congested parking lots. It does wonders for environment. Carpool programs around the US reduce carbon emissions from traffic filled streets, lighten the environmental burdens of noise pollution, and lessen the transit industry’s contributions to greenhouse gases. You can even use our commuter savings calculator to see how much money you could save by joining a carpool.

Work From Home

COVID-19 closing businesses has shown us a new way of work-life balance – telecommuting. People have found working from a home office has allowed a new wave of productivity and comfort while on the clock. Working from home takes away the complications of the daily commute and the carbon emissions that naturally come along with it. If teleworking has snuck its way into your lifestyle and it works for you, adapt your work week to your newfound routine as businesses begin to reopen. Work three days in the office and two days at home, or whatever fits your needs. Even cutting down one or two days a week commuting can make a big difference in your carbon footprint!

Practice Self-Awareness

Becoming aware of your own daily usage of energy is a good place to start in creating a greener lifestyle. A first step could be calculating your own carbon footprint, taking note of your impact when it comes to your home, car, and daily transit choices. Understanding and acknowledging your own footprint is a great way to begin to make small changes to live a greener life, beginning with thoughts like: “Maybe I take public transit more. Should I invest in a bike instead of a second vehicle? How much am I spending on parking and gas per month?”

Happy Earth Day!

We’d love to hear how you take our beautiful planet Earth into consideration on your daily commute. Tweet at us and celebrate Earth Day with us on our social medias. Let’s commute green together!

by Isabelle Brown  | 

Earth Day 2020 - 50 Years

Fiftieth anniversary celebrations of Earth Day on April 22nd will certainly look a lot different this year. But despite the coronavirus pandemic, there is still much to celebrate. For reasons we would not have chosen, most of us are giving Earth a chance to renew. Due to global stay-at-home orders, we have significantly reduced air pollution as a direct result of decreased, if not obsolete, traffic congestion. And in so many other ways, we are saying thank you to Mother Earth daily, probably without even realizing it. 

Perhaps you have been outside for a walk more than you would have before the sudden halt in society. Or your family is enjoying hiking and biking more frequently. You go on nature walks to escape the confined walls and explore more intently. And with these new or more frequent activities, we notice the birds are louder and our sense of smell is greater; we are breathing deeper and letting the breeze touch us instead of looking away afraid of a bad hair day, saying, “Thank you Earth. We respect you.”  

Without even realizing it, you may already be celebrating Earth Day 2020 in your own ways. But what could be a longer lasting thank-you to Earth, is that once the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, we continue to say thank you and appreciate Mother Earth in all the same ways.

Here are some other ways you can celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2020 virtually: 

No matter how you spend April 22, we hope you find it safe and stay well.

by Jodie Hollister, Director of Client Relations  |